Reservation system Tennis Court

Reservation module for tennis court

Please note: This is an additional module; this module is NOT available separately.

Some key features

Venue layout

Provide an interactive map of the tennis facility where users can select available courts and see the location of the courts.

Reservation overview on any device

Manage your reservations on a computer, tablet and even phone.

Add reservations quickly

Add a reservation manually within 1 minute.

Receive honest feedback

The extensive survey capabilities make it easy to improve your processes.

Full real-time overview

Complete overview of reservations by hour, day and month.

Confirmation e-mails

Let customers book and cancel online, avoid "No-shows".

Flexible reservation solutions for your tennis court

At Jimani, we understand the passion and competitive spirit that go hand in hand with the sport of tennis. That's why we proudly introduce the Jimani Tennis Reservation Module, specifically designed for enthusiasts in search of the perfect court to enhance their game.

Whether you're a casual player planning a leisurely afternoon on the court or a dedicated tennis enthusiast training for the next competition, with Jimani, you can effortlessly reserve the tennis court that suits your needs. Our module is thoughtfully crafted with tennis players in mind, allowing you to easily select the desired date, time, and court type.

Our advanced technology ensures a seamless booking process, from choosing your preferred court to receiving confirmation via SMS or email. With added features such as direct IDEAL payments, a clear overview of availability, and the option to include extras like racket rentals, Jimani provides a flawless booking experience.

Grab your racket and get ready for a fun and challenging session on the court. Reserve your tennis court today with the reliable Jimani Tennis Reservation Module!

Tennis court features and prices


  • Reservation through your website.
    Allow your customers to make reservations directly from your website or app using the widget variant that works best for you.
  • Custom Tennis/padel widgets.
    Easily create a package, such as various court rental options.
  • Reservation end times
    Display end times on the reservation so that the customer knows when the rental period ends.
  • Cancellation feature
    Prevent "No-shows" and automatically provide customers with the option to cancel their reservation.
  • Add a manual reservation
    Have a customer without a reservation? Add them quickly and keep your system up-to-date.
  • Unlimited quantity
    Manage an unlimited number of rental items.
  • Multi-language
    Jimani is available by default in Dutch, English, German, and French.
  • Daily reservation overview
    Real-time reservation display through your dashboard or reservation overview.
  • SMS reminder
    Send an SMS one hour before the item is due to be returned.
  • WhatsApp reminder
    Send a WhatsApp message one hour before the item is due to be returned.
  • Payment and deposit feature
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Unlimited reservations.
    Unlimited number of reservations, no additional costs
  • Prices
    The prices are exclusive of VAT, per month


  • € 20,00

Note: This pertains to an additional module. This module is NOT available separately but only through the Tennis and Padel module.

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