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Please note: This is an additional module and is NOT available separately.

Online booking system for your education and training

In the current digital age, where flexibility and convenience are paramount, we at Jimani understand the importance of efficient lesson booking and management. That's why we proudly introduce the Jimani Lesson Reservation Module: an advanced solution for both educational institutions and independent trainers.

With the Jimani Lesson Reservation Module, teaching and learning become a streamlined, organized, and productive experience. Whether it's yoga classes, academic courses, or corporate training, with Jimani, the future of education and training is in your hands!

Some key features

Dynamic class schedules

Easily set up, manage, and modify class schedules, providing maximum flexibility for teachers and trainers.

Dynamic widgets

Create a combined widget for easily displaying all classes per week, or split all types of classes into separate widgets.

Reservation confirmations

Students or participants automatically receive confirmations of their reservations, including any changes or cancellations.

Attendance management

Easily track participant attendance and progress, making it effortless to evaluate their performance.

Feedback and ratings

Collect feedback from students after each lesson or course to continually improve the quality of education.

Integration with calendars

Students and trainers can easily sync their booked lessons with popular calendar apps such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.

Online payment integration

Provide a secure and fast online payment gateway for paid courses or lessons, including support for multiple payment methods such as IDEAL.

Booking parameters

Set maximum and minimum participant numbers for each class and manage waiting lists for popular courses.

Reporting and analysis

Utilize detailed reporting tools to gain insights into occupancy rates, participant feedback, and more.

Jimani is constantly evolving. Check out the features currently in development and see for yourself.

Lesson reservation features and prices


  • Reserve through your website
    Allow your guests to make reservations directly from your website or app in the widget variant that suits you best.
  • Create packages easily
    Easily create packages, such as a day pass with overnight stay or a ticket with parking pass.
  • Single ticket sales
    Automate on-site ticket sales with a self-service kiosk.
  • Reservation end times
    Display end times on the reservation so that the guest knows until what time they can stay.
  • Guest cancellation feature
    Prevent "No-shows" and automatically provide guests with the option to cancel the reservation.
  • Add a manual reservation
    Still have a guest without a reservation? Add them quickly and keep your system up to date.
  • Automatic visitor survey
    Send a survey form after each visit so that you can quickly get insights into what guests thought of their visit.
  • Customize the style and logos
    The widget has an open CSS and can be fully customized to match your brand's identity.
  • Personalized emails
    Send personalized emails in the guest's language, with your branding and logos.
  • Multi-language
    Jimani is available by default in Dutch, English, German, and French.
  • Daily reservation overview
    A real-time reservation display through your dashboard or reservation overview.
  • Opening hours calendar
    Display your opening hours clearly and allow guests to make reservations directly from there.
  • Optimize QR code functionality
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Reminder via SMS
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Reminder via WhatsApp
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Payment Functionality
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Make reservations through the app
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Waitlist function
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • No-show prevention
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Unlimited users
    Unlimited number of users, no extra charges.
  • Unlimited roles
    Set the access and capabilities for each user individually.
  • Unlimited reservations
    Unlimited number of reservations, no additional costs
  • Prices
    The prices are exclusive of VAT, per month.


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  • € 20

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