How do we work?

How do we work?

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Jimani, your one-stop solution for seamless reservation management. Whether you run a restaurant, offer activities, or organise classes, Jimani is designed to boost your operations. We are here to make your processes simpler, faster and more effective, so you can focus on what really matters.

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Book widgets

Booking through your own website, using our many standard types of widgets.

Automatic emails

After booking, automatically send a confirmation in the guest’s language.

E-mail templates

Create infinite email templates in any language and for any booking type.

Survey results

Automatically send surveys and combine completed surveys.

Information overview

See all information quickly and clearly in the dashboard.

Create packages

Easily create a package, such as a children’s party or celebration.

Automatic table assignment

Tables are automatically assigned by reservation number.

Combination tables for groups

Create combined tables so that large groups stay together.

Create users

Everyone has their own account, so every move can be tracked.


User roles

Determine the rights for each user or user group.


Floor plan overview

A fully detailed map of available and occupied tables.

Manual booking

If someone walks in without a reservation, quickly create one for them.

Booking overview

See at a quick glance all reservations for today, tomorrow or all week.

Cancel features

Guests can cancel the reservation themselves up to several hours before the reservation.

Customer search feature

Check easy and quick how many times the guest has been before, using the search function.

Area display

Filter by room and see immediately where additional staff need to be deployed.

Real-time guest counters

With the guest counter, you always have real-time insight into the number of guests.

Table indicators

Create each table and link it with the number of seats and an image.

Additional field options

High kids chair needed, or allergies? Have the guest fill this in right away when booking.

End time per reservation

Easily reserve a part of the day so you can accommodate more guests.

Opening hours calendar

Display at a glance whether you are open and whether there is still space to reserve.

Until checkout connection

With the Until link, reservations are automatically placed in the cash register.

Payment functions

Quick booking and simple payment using IDEAL, Paypal or credit card.

Your own mobile APP

Let guests book through your own mobile app for Android and IOS.

Customer insights

Get full insight into your guest’s consumption behaviour.

Waitlist function

With the wait list function, you notify the guest if there is unexpected space.

No-Show prevention

Prevent No-Shows through our smart and automatic guest system.

Book products

Book a film or combo ticket and let the customer pay for it right away.

QR-Code automation

Confirm your booking on entry with your QR code.

Stock available

Stock up on your options so you never run out of high kids chairs.

Affiliate marketing

Let other businesses recommend your business by using your widgets.

Order with tabel QR

Let guests order and pay straight away via the QR code on the table.

Booking through social

Bypass your own website and let the guest book right away through your socials.

Links to gates

No more staff needed at the checkout, just scan the QR code at the gate.

Customisation available

Would you like something a little different? Customisation is certainly possible.


Customer stories directly from our users​

We at Jimani believe in the potential of collaboration. That is why we made sure that our booking system can be seamlessly integrated with several other platforms. This way, we guarantee that you have access to the best tools available, all in one place.

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