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Reservation system for hospitality

Note: This is an additional module, and it is NOT available separately.

Online booking system for contemporary gastronomy

At Jimani, we understand that the hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and that entrepreneurs need flexible and reliable tools to meet their customers' demands. That's why we proudly introduce the Jimani Hospitality Booking Module, designed to assist restaurant owners, cafe proprietors, and other hospitality professionals in taking their business to the next level.

The Jimani Hospitality Booking Module is not just a booking system; it's a comprehensive tool that supports every aspect of your hospitality establishment. Whether you run an intimate boutique restaurant or a bustling urban cafe, our module is flexible enough to meet your unique needs.

Get ready to experience the future of hospitality management. Upgrade to the Jimani Hospitality Booking Module today and provide your guests with the seamless experience they deserve!

Some key features

Simple Reservations

Allow your customers to effortlessly make a table reservation, with options to choose specific zones, tables, or even seats.

Intuitive table management

View real-time occupancy of your establishment, reconfigure table layouts, and optimize guest flow.

Automatic table arrangement

Automatically assign guest reservations to the most suitable table.

Combination tables

Automatically seat group reservations at combination tables to ensure guests are seated together at adjacent tables.

Manual reservations

Create reservations quickly and manually to always keep track of the number of guests in your establishment.

Collecting feedback

Collect and analyze guest feedback to continually enhance your service and increase customer satisfaction through survey forms.

Management of special events

Promote and manage special evenings, themed dinners, or live music events with just a few clicks.

Manage packages.

Book an activity along with lunch or dinner through other modules in a single reservation widget.

Logical reservation widgets.

Option to choose from various widget types for every occasion.

Customize each widget to your liking

With the CSS option, you can customize the widget to match your own style. This includes modifying shapes, colors, and backgrounds.

Personalized marketing tools

Send targeted offers, discount codes, or invitations to special events directly to your customers' inbox.

Integration with other platforms

Thanks to compatibility with other popular software, you can streamline your operations and enhance your online presence.

Jimani is constantly evolving, see which features are currently in development and convince yourself.

Hospitality reservation features and prices


  • Reservation through your website
    Allow your guest to make reservations directly from your website in the widget variant that works best for you.
  • Create arrangements
    Easily create an arrangement, such as a children's party or event.
  • Reservation end times
    Display end times on the reservation so the guest knows until what time slots are available.
  • Automatic table planning
    Prevent half-empty tables and automatically seat guests at tables.
  • Guest cancellation feature
    Prevent "No-shows" and automatically provide guests with the option to cancel their reservation.
  • Multi-reservation per table
    Allow the table to be reserved multiple times in one evening.
  • Combo table feature
    Automatically create combo-table reservations so that large groups of guests can be seated at multiple tables next to each other.
  • Floorplan overview
    Create a realistic overview of your table layout.
  • Add a manual reservation
    Still have a guest without a reservation? Quickly add them and keep your system up-to-date.
  • Register walk-in guests
    Easily add walk-in guests to Jimani to maintain an overview.
  • Automatic visitor survey
    Send a survey form after each visit to quickly gather feedback on guests' experiences.
  • Personalized style and logos
    The widget has an open CSS and can be fully customized to match your branding.
  • Personalized emails
    Send personalized emails in the guest's language, with your branding and logos.
  • Multi-language
    Jimani is available by default in Dutch, English, German, and French.
  • Daily reservation overview
    A real-time reservation display through your dashboard or reservation overview.
  • Guests per space
    Always know how many people are present in each space.
  • Opening hours calendar
    Display your opening hours clearly and allow guests to make reservations directly from there."
  • QR code optimization
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • SMS reminder
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • WhatsApp reminder
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • Point of Sale Integration
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • Automatic cash register transactions
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • Payment function
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • Custom restaurant app
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • Reservation through the app
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • Insight into order quantities
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • Customer expenditure insights
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • Customer visit and expenditure overview
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • Waitlist feature
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • No-show prevention
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development"
  • Additional module option
    An additional module such as bike rental or mini-golf costs €20 per module per month.
  • Unlimited users
    Unlimited users, no additional costs.
  • Unlimited roles
    Customize access and capabilities per user.
  • Unlimited reservations
    Unlimited number of reservations, no additional costs
  • Prices
    The prices are exclusive of VAT, per month.


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  • € 20,00

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