Reservation system Gym

Reservation system for gym

Some key features​


Customize the reservation system to the specific needs of the gym, including different types of memberships, facilities, and group classes.

Reservation overview on any device

Manage your reservations on a computer, tablet and even phone.

Add reservations quickly

Add a reservation manually within 1 minute.

Receive honest feedback

The extensive survey capabilities make it easy to improve your processes.

Full real-time overview

Complete overview of reservations by hour, day and month.

Confirmation e-mails

Let customers book and cancel online, avoid "No-shows".

Online booking system for your gym

At Jimani, we understand that every gym has its unique atmosphere and offerings, and your reservation system should align perfectly with it. That's why we offer flexible subscription options that suit gyms of every size and style. Whether you manage a small fitness center or a large sports complex with various training facilities, our packages are tailored to meet your specific needs.

One of our innovative solutions is the integration with automatic gates. These gates can be synchronized with our reservation system, allowing members smooth and efficient access based on their reservation or membership. This not only ensures streamlined access but also enhances the sense of security and professionalism.

In addition to reserving access to the gym, we also provide a system for booking classes. Whether your members are interested in boxing, spinning, or any other type of fitness class, our solution enables guests to easily and quickly reserve their spot.

From basic online access reservation management to advanced features like IDEAL payments, personalized gym apps, data collection, and automated gate integration, we have the ideal package for you. Discover the solution that best suits your gym and start optimizing your reservation process and member experience today.

Gym reservation system features and prices


  • Reservation through your website
    Allow your guest to make reservations directly from your website using the widget variation that works best for you.
  • Creating packages
    Easily create a package, such as a children's party or event.
  • Reservation end time
    Specify end time for the reservation so that the guest knows until what time slots are available.
  • Guest cancellation feature
    Prevent "No-shows" and automatically provide guests with the option to cancel the reservation.
  • Add a manual reservation
    Got a walk-in athlete without a reservation? Add them quickly to keep your system up-to-date.
  • Gym access
    Link the entrance gates to the reservation and grant players automatic access to the gym.
  • Subscription Management
    Link the reservation to the customer's subscription and allow the customer to automatically renew their subscription.
  • Automatic Visitor Survey
    Send a survey form after each visit to quickly gather feedback from guests about their experience.
  • Personalized style and logos
    The widget features open CSS and can be fully customized to match your brand's style.
  • Personalized emails
    Send personalized emails in the guest's language, featuring your brand's style and logos.
  • Multi-language
    Jimani is available by default in Dutch, English, German, and French.
  • Daily Reservation Overview
    Real-time Reservation Display through your dashboard or reservation overview.
  • Opening Hours Calendar
    Clearly display your opening hours and allow members to make reservations directly from there.
  • QR code optimalisation
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Reminder per sms
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Reminder per Whatsapp
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Payment Function
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Reservations through the app
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Waitlist Function
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • No-show prevention
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Number of Modules
    An additional module such as spinning, (kick)boxing, or Judo is €20 per module per month.
  • Unlimited users
    Unlimited number of users, no additional cost.
  • Unlimited roles
    Customize access and capabilities for each user.
  • Unlimited reservations
    Unlimited number of reservations, no additional cost.
  • Prices
    The prices are exclusive of VAT. per month.



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  • Entree module & Evenement module
  • < 500 reservations
  • € 79,00


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  • Entree module & Evenement module
  • € 99,00

Need an extra module?

We have prepared a substantial number of modules for you to effortlessly expand your activities, for a fixed monthly fee.

Flexible modules

If your additional module is not listed, you can easily choose one of our standard modules that best suits your activity.

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