Reservation system Festival

Reservation system for festivals

Some key features​

Tickets options

Ability to sell various types of tickets, such as early bird, regular tickets, VIP tickets, and day passes.

Reservation overview on any device

Manage your reservations on a computer, tablet and even phone.

Add reservations quickly

Add a reservation manually within 1 minute.

Receive honest feedback

The extensive survey capabilities make it easy to improve your processes.

Full real-time overview

Complete overview of reservations by hour, day and month.

Confirmation e-mails

Let customers book and cancel online, avoid "No-shows".

Online booking system for your festivals

The festival world is filled with energy, creativity, and unforgettable experiences. At Jimani, we understand the essence of these moments and the importance of a seamless reservation process. That's why we've introduced the Jimani Festival Reservation Module, specifically designed for the dynamic nature of festivals and their attendees.

Whether you're attending a festival for the first time or are a seasoned festival-goer, our user-friendly interface allows you to reserve your ticket in moments. Simply select your festival, choose your desired day(s), and receive an immediate confirmation of your purchase.

And with our integrated WhatsApp functionality, you'll always stay informed. Receive real-time notifications about line-ups, schedule changes, and even updates on which stages are the least crowded at certain times. This way, you can plan your festival experience optimally.

Furthermore, we offer options like online payments, clear festival ground maps, and the ability to add extras like camping spots, VIP access, or shuttle services.

With Jimani, attending or organizing a festival becomes a breeze. From the initial announcement to the final encore, we ensure that your festival experience runs smoothly.

Let the music carry you away and book your next festival experience with Jimani's reliable reservation system.

Festival reservation system features and prices


  • Reservation through your website
    Allow your guests to make reservations directly from your website or app using the widget variation that works best for you.
  • Creating Packages
    Easily create a package, such as a day pass with accommodation or VIP pass.
  • Individual Ticket Sales
    Automate on-site ticket sales with a self-service kiosk.
  • Automatic Gates
    Automatically link the tickets to the gates at the entrance.
  • External Reservations
    Integration with external ticket platforms.
  • Reservation end times
    Display end times on the reservation so that guests know until what time they can stay.
  • Guest Cancellation Function
    Prevent 'No-shows' and Automatically Allow Guests to Cancel Reservations.
  • Add manual reservations
    Have a guest without a reservation? Add them quickly to keep your system up to date.
  • Automatic Visitor Survey
    Send a survey form after each visit to quickly gain insights into what guests thought of their experience.
  • Customized Style and Logos
    The widget has an open CSS and can be fully customized to match your corporate identity.
  • Personalized emails
    Send personalized emails in the guest's language, matching your branding and logos.
  • Multi-language
    Jimani is available by default in Dutch, English, German, and French.
  • Daily Reservation Overview
    Real-time Reservation Display via Your Dashboard or Reservation Overview
  • Opening Hours Calendar
    Display your opening hours clearly and allow guests to make reservations directly from there.
  • QR code optimalisation
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Reminder per sms
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Reminder per Whatsapp
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Payment feature
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Reservations through the app
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Waitlist feature
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • No-show prevention
    "Unfortunately, this feature is still in development."
  • Number of Modules
    An additional module such as hotel accommodation, bicycle rental, or a dance class is €20 per module per month.
  • Unlimited users
    Unlimited number of users, no additional charges.
  • Unlimited roles
    Set the access and capabilities for each user individually.
  • Unlimited reservations
    Unlimited number of reservations, no additional costs.
  • Prices
    The prices are exclusive of VAT, per month.



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  • 1
  • < 500 reservations
  • € 149,00


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  • 1
  • € 299,00

Flexible modules

Is your additional module not listed? Easily choose one of our standard modules that best suits your activity.

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